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Bold Beginnings

Born with a thirst for the wondrous and wild, an eccentric young drinks enthusiast wanted to shake up the slow changing world of booze by embracing the different to create the delicious.

Bakesale Bill dreamed of a liquor to truly enjoy for its flavor, not just for its alcohol content. He set out to create a universally-loved drinking experience: a liquor so tasty that people would happily drink it even if it didn’t have any alcohol in it (though his would have lots!)

Eccentric Explorations

The key to this, he believed, was to combine the surprising with the familiar to find a flavor that could be universally loved by everyone from rebellious 21 year-olds to rebellious 81 year-olds.

Bubblegum rum…candy and brandy...maybe a marshmallow whiskey?

It was a boozy journey filled with exciting explorations of sweets and spirits.

Completely Cookies

After endless experimentation he, with a cup of nostalgia, a spritz of strong liquor, and a dash of adventure, uncovered the secret to concocting the most powerful and loveable of drinks — using real chocolate chip cookies by the ton to create liquor that tastes tasty and is strong enough to be fun! 🍪

And like magic, Bakesale Bill and his Chocolate Chip Cookie Liquor were born!

Sensational Shake-Ups

A drink that’s equal parts party and treat, Bakesale is delicious in any format you can come up with.

Whether you dream of shots that taste better than their chasers, a base to use as you try to recreate your favorite dessert in cocktail form, or boozy milkshakes to make movie nights magical, every simple concoction you make is made remarkable with Bakesale.

Bakesale Bill believes that good enough isn’t good enough, so he created Bakesale to help people make sipping more special and gifting more exciting and he can’t wait to share it with you.

Get 'em while they're hot!

Each Bakesale Cookie Box comes with 12 single-shot pouches of award winning Cookie Liquor.
These adorable blue pouches are portable, squishy, and fantastic for gifting!


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