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Meet Bakesale, an award-winning liquor made from cookies!
🍪 Make moments more magical,
Make drinks more delightful,
😋 Make desserts more delicious!

What is Bakesale?

The Process

We make Bakesale from REAL cookies!

Our magical process transforms tons of our gluten-free and dairy free chocolate chip cookies into marvelous liquor.

The Taste

Strong, smooth and (not too) sweet!

Our award-winning cookie liquor sounds too good to be true, but it really does taste like cookies, with a kick!

The Staple

Bakesale + Anything!

Our cookie liquor is a fantastic base for your creativity. From simple cocktail concoctions to daring dessert discoveries — mix without fear!

Award-Winning Taste


Made from Real Cookies

40% Alcohol


for Parties

Cookies with a kick, liquor with a punch!
See why Bakesale is the best shot of the bunch!



Easy dessert cocktails that are a delight, see how Bakesale upgrades your dinner party night!


Cozy Nights

Tasty, boozy milkshakes to make your day, see how Bakesale turns the everyday into every-YAY!


World’s Best-in-Taste

If you find yourself this far and still aren't fully sold, did you know that Bakesale won the rare Double Gold?

At the world's largest liquor competition, the San Francisco World Spirits, our cookie liquor surprised every sipper and dazzled every drinker — to the point that all 30 professional judges awarded Bakesale gold after blind taste tests.

It’s the treat that can’t be beat!


Happy #Bakesale Friends

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The Brilliant Boldness of Bakesale Bill

Meet the eccentric and fun-loving founder of Bakesale and discover the magic of how Cookie Liquor came to be.


Bring the deliciously different to

the dinner party
a bbq bonanza
shark week marathon
a birthday rave
the bachelor party
the dinner party

We created Bakesale to help people make sipping more special and gifting more fun!‍

So, excite friends, impress guests, and turn a normal night into an extraordinary occasion!

Get 'em while they're hot!

Each Bakesale Cookie Box comes with 12 single-shot pouches of award winning Cookie Liquor. These adorable blue pouches are portable, squishy, and fantastic for gifting!


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