0ur Story

Bakesale Bill, an eccentric young drinks enthusiast, dreamed of a liquor to truly enjoy for its flavor, not just for its alcohol content.

He set out to create a liquor
so ridiculously tasty that people would enjoy it even if it didn’t have any alcohol...

(though his would have lots!)

Eccentric Explorations

He created bubblegum rum...
candy brandy... marshmallow whiskey...

After endless hours of boozy
experimentation, he finally
discovered the secret
to universally loveable liquor:

Delicious Discovery

Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Using real chocolate chip cookies by the ton, Bakesale Bill was able to create a liquor that actually tastes like cookies... and it was so tasty it was sure to please everyone!

What happened next?

A delightful surprise: his cookie liquor began to win prize after prize!

But what about customers?
What do they think?

Bakesale Bill’s drink!