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Bakesale Cookie Box

Bakesale Cookie Box

Bakesale is an award-winning liquor made from tons of REAL chocolate chip cookies!


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Put simply, Bakesale tastes like cookies with a kick. It’s a terrifically tasty treat that’s 33% ABV, so it’s sweet, strong, and oh-so-smooth!


  • Gluten Free and Dairy Free!
  • Each Bakesale Cookie Box contains 12 pouches of cookie liquor.
  • Each pouch holds 50ml, one shot's worth of cookie liquor.
  • These pouches are flexible, portable, and easily sip-able.


Do you dream of:


  • Shots that taste better than chasers?
  • Easy to make cocktails that taste like your favorite desserts?
  • The best boozy milkshake ever?