Introducing Bakesale's

First Flavor Faction

your golden ticket to the wildest, most mouthwatering liquor adventure!

Every month, the mad flavor genius himself, Bakesale Bill, concocts a brand-new, treat-inspired, liquor masterpiece and releases a limited quantity for sale to the public.

Here are some of his recent releases:

Here's the problem

These limited-edition liquor flavors sell out in a flash and once they are sold out, you’ll never get to try that fantastic flavor!


By joining the

First Flavor Faction:

you are GUARANTEED one of the first boxes of each new flavor each month. In fact, other than Bakesale Bill himself, the members of the Faction are the first in the world to try each delightful new flavor!

Enjoy each new masterpiece at a 10% discount, because the only thing sweeter than dessert-inspired liquors is a delightful discount!

You can skip a month or cancel at any time and if one month’s flavor isn’t tickling your fancy, you can easily request to swap it out for another flavor.

Are you ready for your flavor adventure?